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Equip (Kevin Hein) Interview for Bandcamp – Full Transcript

1. I Dreamed of a Palace in the Sky is your first release as Equip, but I’m aware that you’ve been responsible for other records in the vaporwave genre (and beyond). Could you tell us a little bit about the musical trajectory you followed up until your debut as Equip? I started making computer music around 2008, […]

The History of Pop Teaches Us That Censorship Isn’t Exclusive to China

Not only is swearing a whole lot of fun, but it’s also certifiably good for you and your vocabulary. That’s why it was sad to hear that the Chinese government instructed Iron Maiden not to swear during their April gigs in Shanghai and Beijing. To make matters worse, the heavy-metal legends were also ordered to […]

Sexual Harassment is the Ugliest Tip of the Music Industry’s Iceberg

If the first half of 2016 has taught us anything about the music industry, it’s that it has a problem with sexual harassment. From the exposure of PR-man Heathcliff Berru as a serial abuser to the recent revelations that producers have demanded sex from Grimes, there’s been no shortage of stories about prominent male figures in […]

The Jimi Hendrix Museum Neglects the Most Important Thing About Jimi Hendrix

As of Wednesday February 10, 2016, the lucky public will be able to pay a £7.50 fee for the privilege of walking around Jimi Hendrix’s former apartment in Brook Street, London. They’ll be able to paw at his old Bakelite telephone and gawp at a bottle of the Mateus rosé he was so fond of drinking with […]

Why Kanye West is the Only Honest Person in Music

So, it seems that Waves (or whatever it’s now called) isn’t going to be “album of the life,” but only “ONE of the greatest albums” of all time. As every commentator under the Sun has already noted, this is quite a rare showing of humility from Kanye West, a man who’s still relatively fresh from the proclamation of his own divinity. However, […]

Deerhunter – Fading Frontier

For all their nonthreatening and unassuming familiarity, the 14-year-old Deerhunter are a hard band to pin down. In a recent “batshit” interview, Bradford Cox confirmed this when he declared, “It all just comes from nowhere,” confounding our hopes that his band’s music could be encapsulated in a few neat and tidy epigraphs. At first glance, the trajectory the Georgian […]

Alex G – Beach Music

It’s often regarded as damning criticism to refer to an artist and their work as ‘indulgent’. Yet when the artist is Alex G, and when the only thing that’s being indulged by his debut album for Domino is a fertile pop sensibility, it becomes apparent that ‘indulgent’ is really just a placeholder for a more specific failing […]

Re: “McMusic” and Ryan Walsh

I’d like to thank Ryan Walsh for taking the time to read my “McMusic” article and write down some of his thoughts on the piece. Here are my responses to his four points: 1. Who says this [to sell consumer goods and create the demographics who will buy them] is music’s primary function? I say this is music’s […]

Shout Out: Unicorn Harvest – ADHD

Unicorn Harvest are a three-piece indie/experimental pop band hailing from New York City. Their newest and shiniest album, ADHD, explores the titular behavioral disorder through the lens of meaty guitars, erratic structures and a healthy dose of wry irreverence. Citing Dinosaur Jr., Weezer (there is in fact a song called “Pinkerton Dreams” on the LP) and […]

Dismantling Womanhood: Electronic Music and the Artificiality of Identity

Everyone knows that women are social constructs. Okay, maybe not everyone, but there’s been enough work in the fields of gender studies, sociology, literary theory and philosophy over the past few decades to champion the now quaint idea that to be a “woman” is merely to reproduce certain signs, images and gestures. Yet it seems […]