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Gentrification Isn’t Progress, It’s Concealment

“Our communities are being ripped apart”, or so declare Class War, the organizers of the Fuck Parade. Horrified by the gentrification that’s reportedly transforming London into a “yuppie infested wasteland”, they oversaw a protest on Saturday September 26 which in turn led to an “attack” against the infamous Cereal Killer Cafe, an eatery which charges its patrons anything from £2.50 […]

One Third of British People in 2015 Belong to the Cult of Immortality

If you’ve become a parent this year, there’s apparently a one-in-three chance that your newborn will contract dementia somewhere over the course of his or her life. This alarming statistic, deriving from a study commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK and conducted by the Office of Health Economics, is no doubt a cause for serious concern. 850,000 people […]

Too Late Jeremy Corbyn, a New Kind of Politics is Already Here

If Jeremy Corbyn’s detractors and critics will grant him nothing else, it’s that he’s a sincere and principled man. Even by their impeccable standards, he’s a politician who generally says what he thinks and does what he says, an individual whose words and actions exhibit a little more consistency than those of, say, Nick Clegg. Indeed, this trait […]

Refuge for Syrians, Refuge for David Cameron

As welcome as David Cameron’s U-turn on accepting Syrian refugees into the UK unquestionably is, there’s very little chance it was inspired by purely altruistic motives. Yes, the Prime Minister had been inundated by outraged calls from opponents and his own party to escalate the nation’s humanitarian efforts, and yes, he had been “deeply moved by the […]

Corruption is the Failure of International Development

If ever proof were needed of the direct interest Britain has in fostering development throughout the developing world, it’s supplied by the latest accusations of corruption being levelled against Rolls Royce. These allegations charge the globe’s second-largest manufacturer of jet engines with paying bribes in order to secure contracts in Brazil, Indonesia and China, and besides […]