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The West Already Has A Social Credit System, It Just Isn’t Centralized

Much of the Western world is currently aghast at China’s rollout of its very own social credit system, which from May 1 will rank Chinese citizens according to the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ actions they perform. According to preliminary reports, those who spread misinformation online or board trains without valid tickets, among other misdeeds, will receive […]

Google are helping parents to become their kids’ digital overlords

(Originally written March 17, 2017) Google have a longstanding and well-deserved reputation for industrial-scale data gathering, both for their own work and for aiding various government agencies. Yet last Wednesday, they went one step further in helping parents to get in on the snooping action, by releasing an app that enables Mom and Pop to […]

Apple doesn’t need to innovate. It’s still far too profitable

(Originally written February 21st, 2017) Apple needs to innovate. At least, this is what countless detractors have been lining up in recent months to advise the Cupertino firm. According to their many, many warnings, Apple has lost its magic, lost its way, lost its focus, lost its edge, and lost the ability to innovate. As […]

Our Lack of Preparedness for AI Will Harm Its Development

It’s almost a truism now that the advance of technology outpaces that of society. From the legality of self-driving cars to the 19th Century Luddites and their opposition to mechanical looms, history is rife with examples of how the spread of particular technologies has been slowed down by the mulishness of governments and people. Yet […]

Is the Nintendo Switch Trying Too Hard to Please Everyone?

All video game consoles have uncertain starts. When the Nintendo Wii launched in November 2006, only two games of any note were launched with it: Wii Sports and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The former was a collection of mini-games that introduced the world to the Wii’s novel motion controls, while the latter was […]

The Future of Motoring Isn’t Autonomous Cars, It’s Intelligent Road Networks

For all the expectation, excitement and energy surrounding them, autonomous cars still aren’t here. Sure, they’re being tested in almost every city from Mountain View to Bangalore, yet at the risk of pointing out the obvious, the prospect of 100% self-driving cars being sold to the public is still a long, long way off. There […]

Smart It May Be, but The Internet of Things is Mainly About Making Us Buy More

Originally written June 23, 2016. Since the dawn of capitalism, companies have suffered from a yawning gap in their business models. No matter how refined and rationalized their operating procedures may have been in the past, no matter how excellent and exhaustive their customer service, almost all of them were afflicted by a glaring “blindspot” […]

Incentivizing Hackers is Only Going to Make Us Less Safe

Imagine you’re one of those eccentric millionaires, and you offer to pay burglars up to $10,000 for finding new ways of breaking into your plush mansion. More specifically, imagine incentivizing a whole subculture of activity that’s centered exclusively around gaining unauthorised access into your home, around vandalizing and defacing it so it’s no longer even inhabitable. Also, […]

Peeple’s Crime? Being Too Blunt About What People Already Do On Social Media

So, it has finally launched, the app that some of us thought was a sick joke. That’s right, Peeple — the so-called ‘Yelp for people’ — was officially opened to the American public via Apple’s App Store on Monday March 7, 2016. Even though it went through a barrage of controversy, numerous wrangles with Apple […]

The Narrative of ‘Social Media’ is How Society Curates Its Own Profile

  Chances are, if any kind of social change is reported in the world today, it will be blamed on social media the next. From the decline in teenage sex to a corresponding yet paradoxical growth in teenage sexualization, almost every perceived development and modification in human behavior over the last decade has been connected […]