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Full transcript of Bandcamp interview with 猫 シ Corp.

The Mall, Nostalgia, and the Loss of Innocence: An Interview With 猫 シ Corp. While you have a rich discography that spans many subgenres of vaporwave, one of your relatively more recent releases — Class of ’84 — seems to fit mostly in the eccojams, or ‘classic’ vaporwave mold. Could you tell us a little bit about this […]

Amazon Go, or Amazon Stay A Little More?

Recently, a report by Cantor Fitzgerald found that one of the main reasons why Amazon were “blowing away [its] competitors” was simply that shoppers were spending more time on its mobile platform than on others. Compared to Target’s 20 minutes and Walmart’s slightly less impressive 14, consumers were apparently spending an average of 103 minutes […]

Don’t Expect a Technological Solution to Fake News

Maybe I’ll get charged for spouting fake news for saying this, but there’s nothing Facebook, Google or any other tech company can do to stamp out fake news. No way, they can’t do it, and this “can’t” works on several levels. It’s not technically feasible, it’s not practically feasible, and it’s politically and morally dubious. […]