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Peeple’s Crime? Being Too Blunt About What People Already Do On Social Media

So, it has finally launched, the app that some of us thought was a sick joke. That’s right, Peeple — the so-called ‘Yelp for people’ — was officially opened to the American public via Apple’s App Store on Monday March 7, 2016. Even though it went through a barrage of controversy, numerous wrangles with Apple […]

The Narrative of ‘Social Media’ is How Society Curates Its Own Profile

  Chances are, if any kind of social change is reported in the world today, it will be blamed on social media the next. From the decline in teenage sex to a corresponding yet paradoxical growth in teenage sexualization, almost every perceived development and modification in human behavior over the last decade has been connected […]

‘Break-up’ Tools and Asocial Social Media

Life in the social-media panopticon is hard enough as it is, what with everyone on the planet knowing that you’ve recently gained 20 lbs or just failed your driving test. Yet it becomes harder when a break-up leaves you helplessly open to exposure to your ex, to photos of your erstwhile paramour living it up with a new flame […]